Realme remains the best-selling smartphone brand in the Philippines, according to IDC.

BBK is everywhere, no matter where you go. Their salespeople are also quite aggressive, coupled with very competitive handsets. It is no surprise why they remain top in smartphone share rankings.

IDC has released its quarterly marketing report for smartphones. For the first quarter of this year, it is revealed that Realme retains its position as the top-selling smartphone manufacturer. This is their fifth streak! Owing to aggressive and effective marketing, as well as competitively-specced phones with decent prices, it is no surprise why they keep retaining their position, in spite of being one of the newcomers.

As seen on this report, BBK’s subsidiaries actually are split, with Oppo having their own. If BBK was listed as a single entity, then they will remain no.1 with a bigger share in the market, possibly dominating the rest. This was the case for Transsion, as they too are a company with several brands. Notably Infinix, Tecno, and Itel. They are a much smaller company than BBK but they are proving their prowess as the company is slowly but surely rising to the top. Combined, they take second place in overall Philippine smartphone shares.

Realme actually declined based on a YoY growth (11.6% decline). Despite that, they still managed to accumulate 20.2% of all smartphone shipments in the country. Also in the same quarter, Realme launched its lifestyle arm DIZO, in the Philippines. The Realme 9 Pro+ was launched as well. It is a phone that is advertised for its flagship-grade Sony IMX766 camera with OIS.

Transsion is in second place. This combines Infinix, Tecno, and Itel sales altogether. The company is known to provide decently-priced phones as well as bringing features mostly seen on flagships down to the midrange. The most notable example is the periscope camera on the Zero X series. Their budget-oriented company Itel, has also launched the Vision 3, a phone with a punch-hole that costs less than Php7,000. The company also launched the Itel Spirit 1 laptop. It comes with surprisingly decent specs for a price of less than Php25,000.

Samsung managed to go back to the top 5 positions after being narrowly defeated by several Chinese brands. Their best-selling phones include the A-series. These phones are notable for their eye-catching design, water resistance, and decent price to match. The lower-end A-series (A03, A13, and A23) accumulated for 89.3% quarterly increase, while the popular Galaxy S22 series accumulated for 45%.

Xiaomi is at fourth place, accumulating 14.2% of all smartphone shares. This was due to their aggressively priced phones with specs one could see at something more expensive. However, while their hardware is no doubt highly regarded, we can’t say the same about its software with numerous users reporting bugs and glitches to the UI. At one point, even a public official from Rizal called on to Xiaomi to recall various Redmi 9T units.

At fifth place comes Oppo, which is BBK’s premium arm. The company specializes in camera and AI enhancements, making their phones perfect for vloggers, especially the Reno series. The same can’t be said about their more budget-friendly offerings though. The reason why Oppo sold this low is that the company is currently having issues with supplies of smartphones. However, the Reno 7 series helped the company boost its 5G smartphone shares by 17.7%

The “Others” section compiles every other company not mentioned through this list. Notable examples include Cherry Mobile and Vivo. Theoretically, their phones are selling like pancakes. Vivo with its V-series of vlog-oriented phones, and Cherry Mobile with the Aqua SV, a phone that turned people’s heads as it feels like a flagship and even comes with a vegan leather back, an AMOLED screen, and a competitive Dimensity 810 chipset, all for Php11,999.

We’d like to congratulate Realme for maintaining the top position.

Source: GizGuide