No More Survivors: Rules of Survival did not survive for long and will close on 27th June

Rule No 1 of Survival: Actually try to survive

Battle Royale game and PUBG Clone Rules of Survival (ROS for short) has announced on its social media that the game will finally meet its end on 27th June. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

After the closure, the game’s servers will cease working and all players’ accounts will be deleted, including their progress and character info.

NetEase said that players can gain apply for a refund for any unused diamonds starting 28th June until 28th September.

The game had over 300 million downloads across Android and iOS and it’s one of the most popular Battle Royale games in Asia. According to feedback coming from long-time players, the game was plagued with bugs and has a poor anti-cheat system prompting several players to leave the game. It had its peak popularity sometime around 2018 before PUBG Mobile took over.

The Facebook post’s comment section involved players thanking NetEase for the memories and waving farewell. Some even shared their ranks and their characters. NetEase did not provide a reason for the shutdown, not just yet.