The Fangwolf Family Written Episodes

A comic strip (soon animated) series planned by me and my brother. Here, you can see our episode drafts and writings, as well as comic strips to be released! In the future, videos will be posted here too

The Fangwolf Family Episode 1: Back To School

EPISODE TRANSCRIPT: TIME: Early morning, about 6am, Monday PLACE: Evergreen City, Fangwolf Residence, Maharlikan Republic CHARACTERS: Elise Fangwolf- 10 year old energetic twin sister to Alex, normally wearing a green dress, and a purple nightdress when sleeping Alex Fangwolf- 10 year old introverted and quiet twin brother of Elise, wears a sky blue polo shirt…

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The Fangwolf Family Episode 2: Getting the Gang Back Together

EPISODE TRANSCRIPT: Setting: Maple Corner, Evergreen, and Evergreen Community School Time: Early Morning, 6:30 am Characters: Alex Fangwolf Elise Fangwolf Ashley Newell- 11 year old squirrel, Elise’s shy and nerdy best friend. She wears glasses and her school uniform. On a normal occasion, she wears a pink sweater and a white undershirt, matching pink skirt…

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