What is Technophile?

Technophile is a tech blog and reviews website aimed to bring the mundane word “Technophile” into something more special: as a brand. Our goals are to make unbiased reviews as well as create reliable and trustworthy articles. By definition, a “technophile” is a person who is fond of technology, to which we, ourselves, believe.

Who is Technophile?

Technophile is founded by Raphael Briones, who is fond of Technology, not just in phones or computers, but also media, hardware, software, cameras and much more. His hobbies include photography, video games and video-making


Technophile aims to provide and educate Filipino as well as international audiences with the latest technological innovations and trends. We also aim to provide unbiased tech news aggregated from only reliable and trusted sources.


Our vision is to be part of a “next generation” tech blog and to receive local recognition as a tech blog that provides unbiased and trustworthy reviews and news, without having to rely on different sources as the company’s main motif.


Your Android Pedagogue

Your Android Pedagogue (also known as Androidists) is a tech blog owned by Brahm Daniel Verano. It was founded in 2019, and describes itself as “a technology-based blog in the Philippines that covers the latest events happening in the tech industry.”

Currently, the page has around 2500 likes and 2700 followers on Facebook. Below are their links.