Windows 11 Beta 1 has been released

Previously, only the dev build was accessible.

Windows 11 default wallpaper

Windows 11 was announced last June, and a supposed leak of one of Windows 11 builds have been going around the internet before Windows 11 was even official. Previously, users who want to experience Windows 11 can only do so through developer previews. Microsoft said that the dev preview is “highly technical” for a majority of users and has “rough edges”. With the first beta being released, Microsoft says this one is “less volatile”. So users who are still curious about Windows 11 but wanted something more stable can switch to the Beta channel

Windows 10 Insider Settings

Usually, to switch from the Dev channel to the Beta Channel, a full reinstall is required. However, for a limited time, you can switch it through Windows Update>Windows Insider Program. If this is your first time, like us, then you have to register first before accessing the above window. After selecting your preferred insiders channel choice, Microsoft will then tell you it will collect some data from your PC to “help improve its service and your experience with Windows”. Then finally, it will ask you to restart. You can opt to restart later to access the Beta Channel.

While the Beta channel is more reliable and stable than the Dev Channel, it is still not recommended to switch immediately from Windows 10 to 11 as your main OS as it is not fully stable. Please wait until Microsoft releases the stable version of the OS.

If you’re using a legitimate version of Windows 10, you can upgrade your PC to Windows 11 for free. Just make sure you have the proper switches tinkered and your PC has the recommended specs, otherwise, Windows will tell you that you’re not eligible for an upgrade. Please click this link to help you determine whether your PC is ready for Windows 11 or not.

Also, please do not download or obtain Windows 11 outside of the Insiders program as it can lead your PC to being vulnerable to malware or security issues.

Source: The Verge, via Windows