Select ASUS PCs and laptops to get FREE Windows 11 upgrade

Select ASUS laptops are eligible for Windows 11 upgrade, free. This also includes some of the latest Zenbooks and ROG gaming laptops.

If you’re using a PC, you need to tinker a switch into the BIOS called Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0, a security chip that safely stores your login information, this chip is not activated by default, and PC users need to restart the machine and enter to the BIOS to activate it.

Below are the list of ASUS laptops that are eligible for Windows 11

  • ProArt StudioBook
  • Some ZenBook and VivoBook models
  • ROG Zephyrus
  • ROG Flow
  • TUF Gaming laptops and desktops
  • ExpertBook
  • ExpertCenter
  • Zen AiO
  • Vivo AiO
  • Asus Mini PCs

Not in the list? Want to check if your particular Asus laptop is compatible? Please visit Asus’ website to determine whether you’re eligible for the free upgrade or not. The update is set to arrive late this year and would carry on until next year.

How to determine if your PC is ready for Windows 11?

You need to know the minimum and recommended requirements to run Windows 11. Windows 11 will not work on 32-bit systems, and you need at least a dual-core processor and 4GB RAM to run it. Microsoft’s website has a list of detailed requirements to determine if your PC is ready. We already mentioned that you may need to flip a switch into the BIOS as a PC user, even if you have the qualified hardware requirements. PCs with specs released earlier than October 2014 are out of luck, as the TPM 2.0 may not be available then.

Second, prepare to backup your files in case anything goes wrong. This could be a rescue disk, an external hard drive or cloud storage like OneDrive.

You can download the System Health Check program into your computer that automatically determines if your PC is ready for the upgrade. If compatible, this message should appear:

Windows 11 is compatible

If not, a message will say that your PC is not ready for Windows 11 but will continue getting Windows 10 updates.

Source: ASUS