The Poco X3 GT is not coming to India

Names are hard

When the Poco X3 GT got unveiled, it was obviously expected to arrive in India, but we haven’t seen a report from Xiaomi nor a listing from Flipkart, which is strange. It also didn’t receive a video introduction like many other POCO phones.

A few days before the POCO X3 GT debuted internationally (including the Philippines), POCO released the F3 GT but is exclusive to India (though this might change at some point in the future). Unlike the POCO F3 GT however, there is an official statement that the X3 GT will not be coming to India.

The statement came from Country Director of POCO India, Anju Sharma. He stated that there are already multiple “unmatched products” in the country, with the existence of the X3 Pro and Poco F3 GT, there’s no slots left nor a purpose to release it there.

So in other terms, POCO doesn’t want to hurt any other brands further, they are already dead. Furthermore, Sharma also said that POCO doesn’t want unnecessary confusion, unlike its mother company with its stupidly bad naming conventions that should make your head spin.

Source: GSMArena via Twitter