Ookla: Philippine Mobile and Fixed Broadband continues to improve

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Ookla has shared its monthly report for mobile and internet testing. As of April 2021, according to Ookla’s report, Philippine Internet, both mobile and broadband, has seen continued improvements and is continuing to rise through the ranks.

PH Internet April 2021 rankings

Compared to last March, The mobile ranking for the Philippines rose up to two slots. It was rank 86 previously now it’s rank 84. The fixed broadband also saw an increase in rankings. It rose up to one rank, it was rank 81 before now it’s rank 80. It may be a marginal improvement but it shows.

According to the graph above, the mobile internet’s download speed averaged to 29.12 Mbps, while the Up speed clocked to an average 7.65Mbps; the latency clocked to an average 33ms. For the Fixed Broadband, the data shown shows that the average down speed is 49.31Mbps, with an average up speed of 47.83Mbps, and a latency of 22ms average. Interestingly, both the up speed and down speed are very close to each other, when it’s usually the down speed that soars farther than the up speed.

The most consistent local Telco in the country as of Q1 2021 is Globe Telecom with an average score of 70.43 points

Globe noted that these consistencies was due to the continuous improvements and the company’s network upgrades. In particular, because of the One Globe Education program, there were over 363 site builds in Quezon City and Manila alone. According to customer feedback, the program increased the reputation of Globe Telecom, and 19% had “good experience” among educators and students in Manila with the network, and a 10% increase among users in Quezon City according to data forged between October 2020 and April 2021.

Ookla has not stated why or how PH Internet rose, but it was most likely due to DITO entering the market in the country increasing competition between the duopolies.

Source: GizGuide, Ookla