Realme launches new gaming peripherals!

Realme has launched new gaming peripherals which includes a back-clipped fan and thumb triggers!

Realme Cooling Back Clip

Realme Cooling Back Clip listing from Shopee

The Cooling Back Clip is essentially a cooling pad for your phone, except it isn’t a cooling pad, more like a portable fan, at least that’s what it looks like. This phone accessory is attached to the back of your phone via a USB-C cable. The fan uses Realme’s Dual Cooling technology utilizing a power-driven semiconductor ice chip and a 7-blade fan. This accessory will help your phone heat less and lets you game on longer. Remember that the hotter the phone the more it causes damage to the battery.

Realme Mobile Game Finger Sleeves

Realme Mobile Game Finger Sleeves Lazada Listing

The Realme Mobile Game Finger Sleeves are essentially cloth-made thumb triggers intended to lessen accidental slipping and improve grip. The sleeves are also sweatproof, protecting the user from finger sweating.

When you order these, you get two pieces, one for each thumb. Though, there are definitely other cheaper alternatives which do the same thing, this one is from an authentic brand. That is, if you want to buy overpriced gaming thimbles.

You can buy the cooling back clip and the finger sleeves in Shopee and Lazada respectively. The cooling back clip costs 1,590php and the sleeves cost 240 php for two pieces. It seems like both of these are on a flash sale, and they are currently discounted to just 1150 php and 190 php respectively.