Nokia has officially been selected to deploy 5G in Mindanao!

Nokia has officially been selected as the next telecoms company to deploy 5G networks all across Mindanao! This announcement will help DITO’s ambitious goal of setting up high quality 5G services all around the country.

DITO officially launched in VisMin last year and from then on, the company started expanding their infrastructure by partnering up with different telcos, which includes China Telecom.

According to a press statement, this partnership will help deliver in providing high-quality 5G services to customers with superior speed, capacity and very low latencies, all while reducing complexity and costs through increased energy efficiencies.

“We are proud to continue our partnership with DITO into the 5G era and help deliver its ambitious plans for 5G connectivity. We are also delighted that DITO has selected our industry-leading 5G RAN solutions to underpin its new network which will deliver incredible connectivity experiences for businesses and people.”  Tommi Utto, President of Mobile Networks of Nokia commented.

DITO is the third official telecoms provider in the Philippines, after Globe and Smart. Currently, DITO has around 500,000 subscribers as of March 2021 and has recently expanded to Metro Manila. The company was formed by a joint venture between China Telecom and Udenna Group.

Source: Global Newswire