Huawei May Soon Be Able to Use 5G Connectivity Thanks to a Partnership with Ericsson!

Sony-Ericsson is a thing of the past, it’s now Huawei-Ericsson

Ericsson and Huawei signed a long-term patent cross-licensing agreement wherein the two companies agreed to share important cellular standards including 4G and 5G technology. What this means for users is that Huawei may finally be able to use 5G services across its smartphones, hinted first with the Mate 60 series. This partnership sets a new chapter for Huawei and a return-to-form as well. Will this partnership, and Kirin’s return, put Huawei back on the map?

“We are delighted to reach a long-term global cross-licensing agreement with Ericsson,” said Alan Fan, Head of Huawei’s Intellectual Property Department. “As major contributors of standard essential patents (SEPs) for mobile communication, the companies recognize the value of each other’s intellectual property, and this agreement creates a stronger patent environment. It demonstrates the commitment both parties have forged that intellectual property should be properly respected and protected.”

As some of you may know, Sweden is one of a handful of countries that joined the United States in barring Huawei from setting up its telecommunications equipment in Europe. The Swedish government blacklisted both ZTE and Huawei and all of their equipment must be removed by 2025 in the country. Ericsson, a Swedish telecoms company countered that this ban prevents innovation and goes against the policy of free trade, according to CEO Borje Ekholm.

In addition, he claimed that Sweden has deviated from EU guidelines that allowed carriers and regulators to examine 5G equipment suppliers without banning any company, regardless of political affiliation.

As Huawei is a market leader in terms of communications equipment, Ekholm wanted the company to compete as the European economy might suffer from the slow rollout of 5G technology.

Source: GSMArena, Huawei Newsroom (not to be confused with HC Newsroom)