GAMESCOM 2023: Ayaneo Pocket S Unveiled!

Another handheld gaming device has launched. This looks like a WiiU but with a Snapdragon Chip

During the GamesCom conference this year, Ayaneo unveiled its newest gaming handheld console, the first in the segment to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon G3X Gen 2 chipset called the Pocket S. The device will launch in December this year. It’s also that time when the price would be officially revealed. We have low hopes of seeing this launched in the Philippines but it would be nice to see.

AYANEO described the handheld as “E-Sports Ready” which is slowly becoming meaningless as every gaming developer and publisher is using the term now for many of their online titles. It’s no Steam Deck nor ROG Ally killer but will directly compete against them. It’s powered by Android so this is closer to gaming phones than Windows or Linux-based consoles.

Even though it runs Android, the system should not be underestimated as many phones now can run highly demanding games just as well as PCs can. However, that can cause phones to heat up rather quickly and potentially damage their internal parts, especially the battery. So, AYANEO said the Pocket S comes with an X86-level heat dissipation to counter this issue.

There are two colours: black and white. The white one heavily reminds us of the WiiU. I mean, just look at it. Like its Windows counterparts, the Pocket S has two joysticks on both ends of the screen, a D-Pad, XYAB buttons, function buttons, trigger pads, and ports for connectivity. Also, like the ROG Ally, the AYANEO Pocket S comes with a 144Hz FullHD+ screen albeit this one is an unspecified IPS LCD.

Source: AYANEO