After Smart, Globe will also Launch its Own Prepaid E-SIM

No Physical SIM Cards are needed, but you still do need to be registered.

If you can recall, back in 2018, Globe made E-SIMs available for certain devices, the first being the iPhone XR. However, this version of the E-SIM is for postpaid users. This year, Smart quietly released its first prepaid E-SIM plans in the country and it works on select devices. It seems like Globe wanted a taste of that pie (your move, DITO Telecom).

As per a press statement, Globe is launching its prepaid E-SIM plans by the end of Q3 2023. They said that this move is part of the company’s commitment to providing innovative solutions, embedding sustainability, and enhancing the mobile experience for its users.

Through the eSIM, Globe is able to reduce the amount of plastic they use for their physical SIM Cards and reduce logistics costs, and users can also create multiple profiles using different mobile numbers and connect them to any LTE-enabled device under the same E-SIM number.

Source: GizGuidePH