[UPDATED] Ending on a High Note: The ASUS Zenfone 10 Might be the Last of the Series, as per a Taiwanese Media Outlet

ASUS might be the only company that actually listened to feedback, yet no one buys them.

[UPDATE]: ASUS has confirmed via a press statement that the Zenfone series will live on, alongside the ROG Phone Series, thus putting the rumors to rest.

We would like to address the rumor that ASUS Zenfone 10 will be the last generation of the series and the ASUS Zenfone product line will be shut down. This is not true. We will continue our two main phone business product lines, the ROG Phone and the Zenfone. ASUS has a strong commitment to our smartphone business and customers. Please reference our Q2 earnings call for more information. Please stay tuned for our 2024 product lineups.” ASUS said in a statement.

The ASUS Zenfone 10 is a unique phone. It doesn’t follow an overlying trend. It’s just its own thing. It’s pretty comfortable to hold too because it’s compact, like how the iPhone 13 Mini is compact. However, that compactness, its Zen (no pun intended) colour options, and the presence of the headphone jack could not save the series. It also barely has a presence in Asia aside from Taiwan. ASUS is also in the middle of a restructuring as it focuses most of its resources on the ROG Series (including the ROG Phones), laptops, and computer peripherals, where the company is at its strongest.

The remaining Zenfone staff would be transferred to another division, such as the ROG Phone series.

“The person familiar with the matter pointed out that ASUS mobile phones are divided into ROG and Zenfone series, but now the latest Zenfone 10 will be the last generation of this series, and the Zenfone team will be merged into other departments in the future, or directly into the ROG team” the report said, directly translated.

Prior to the arrival of players like Xiaomi, the Zenfone series was a big hit here in the Philippines but never made its mark in its most important markets, particularly, the United States. Still, recent phones like the Zenfone 9 and 10 are highly praised for their decent battery life and the use of a compact OLED screen.

Source: TechNews Taiwan (in Traditional Chinese) 9to5google