Your Vehicle Will Soon Have Chips from MediaTek and NVIDIA Thanks to This Partnership!

Yes… but can it run DOOM?

MediaTek and NVIDIA partnered to improve AI technology on future cars further! The collaboration combines the strengths of both companies to create state-of-the-art solutions for connected vehicles.

“NVIDIA is a world-renowned pioneer and industry leader in AI and computing. With this partnership, our collaborative vision is to provide a global one-stop shop for the automotive industry, designing the next generation of intelligent, always-connected vehicles,” said Rick Tsai, Vice Chairman and CEO of MediaTek. “Through this special collaboration with NVIDIA, we will together be able to offer a truly unique platform for the compute-intensive, software-defined vehicle of the future.”

“AI and accelerated computing are fueling the transformation of the entire auto industry,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA. “The combination of MediaTek’s industry-leading SoC and NVIDIA’s GPU and AI software technologies will enable new user experiences, enhanced safety and new connected services for all vehicle segments, from luxury to mainstream.”

MediaTek partners with NVIDIA to deliver a complete range of in-vehicle AI cabin solutions for
next-gen software-defined vehicles.
Image courtesy of MediaTek.

Through this collaboration, MediaTek will develop automotive SOCs (system-on-chips) with an NVIDIA GPU built-in. Chipsets are connected by an “ultra-fast and coherent chipset technology”, as MediaTek would put it.

These new chipsets are intended to improve Dimensity Auto, the company’s chipset line for vehicle infotainment. It will run NVIDIA’s DriveOS, Drive IX, CUDA, and TensorRT software technologies. These will be used to make infotainment in vehicles much more comfortable and competent.

According to Gartner, a research firm, the infotainment and instrument cluster SOCs used within vehicles will reach a valuable asset worth USD 12 billion in 2023.