Huawei Won’t Be Getting 5G Chips For Now

Those rumours? They are false.

A few weeks ago, there were rumours that the US is softening Huawei’s ban list and that they will be getting 5G chipsets. This rumour came from several Chinese media sources and the fact that just January this year, Huawei was allowed to use 4G-only Qualcomm Snapdragon chips, hence, you could find new Huawei phones with newly released Qualcomm chips. Previously, they could only use what they already had in their inventory.

Sadly, Huawei confirmed that these rumours are FALSE. The company won’t get any 5G chips from any source anytime soon, including Qualcomm. MyDrivers has confirmed this via the Huawei Consumer Business Group’s head. This refusal shows the complicated relationship between Qualcomm and Huawei.

While Huawei is currently handicapped, they found ways to circumvent this around. One example is a specific case that allows 5G signals to travel on certain Huawei phones. In addition, the company is instead working on satellite communication which is far more stable and useful when it comes to disastrous scenarios.

Source: Huawei Central