What happens to your SIM Card if you fail to register on time?

A small guide on SIM Registration

Only two days left (as of this writing) until the deadline for SIM Registration. DICT has already announced that there would be no extension given, despite pleas from several telco companies. Because of that, Telcos now urge users even more to register their SIM, and some even go to extreme (yet stupidly ridiculous) lengths to do it, such as using an emergency alert system.

So, what happens when you don’t register on April 26th? There are a few things that could happen, but first, we recommend you check out our article which talks about the basics of the SIM Registration Law. This article discusses how to register, but you can read further here if you don’t want to click that.

I forgot or did not register my SIM Card on April 26th:

  • Uh oh, that’s unfortunate. When you don’t register by the deadline, your SIM Card will be deactivated. If, by any chance, that SIM Card is also connected to some of your important accounts, such as banks, e-mails, and social media, then you can no longer use that said SIM Card. Therefore, you cannot use the number associated with it for emergencies, for calls and texts, and for recoveries and other important things, such as OTPs.
  • Moreover, deactivated SIM Cards cannot be contacted and if any of your friends or relatives try to, they will reach a dead end, with an automatic prompt saying the number could not be reached. Also, any remaining load will be forfeited.
  • In addition, deactivated SIM Cards cannot be used as mobile data so you couldn’t browse the internet. This also includes apps or websites that do not require data, such as free FB Messenger.

Now what? Is there a chance I can reactivate it?

Thankfully, you are given a grace period of five (5) days to reactivate your SIM Card if you fail to reactivate on time. But that’s about it.

How to register my SIM Card?

Every telco is different in how they register their SIM Cards. Follow the steps below to register correctly.


Globe SIM Registration page.
  • Visit the Globe SIM Registration website to activate your SIM. Optionally, you may also register through the GlobeOne app which is downloadable in Google Play and Apple App Store.
  • Click the “register now” button to start. Note that once you enter the Globe or TM number you want to register, the website will ask for a One-Time Pin.
  • Enter the OTP and fill in the information needed such as your name, age, and home address. Remember that you need to have one valid ID as well as a selfie carrying your ID. Make sure all information is clear and easy to read. Note that you need to upload a file (jpg, pdf, or png) of less than 4MB or the website will not process it. There are a lot of ways to compress your image if needed, such as sending the image to yourself via Facebook Messenger or by using a compression tool.
  • Once registration is done and you have ensured that all information is up-to-date and correct, copy your reference number and save it somewhere in your notes app.
  • For minors, you may register under the name of a legal guardian or parent.


Smart SIM Registration page
  • Visit the Smart SIM Registration page to begin
  • As with Globe, you will be asked to enter the OTP once you start registering any valid Smart number. Tick the “Terms and Conditions” box before you proceed.
  • Fill in the information as required, including a readable ID picture.
  • Take a selfie with your ID to verify that the holder is indeed you.
  • After filling in the necessary information, wait for an SMS confirmation. Inside that message is FREE 3GB DATA.


  • Download the DITO app to register and log in using your DITO mobile number.
  • In the app’s home screen, there would be a window where you could register. Tap this window to begin.
  • As always, DITO will send an OTP for confirmation, and then fill in all necessary information, including ID picture.
  • Once confirmed, you will automatically receive FREE 2GB DATA regardless if you have leftover data or not.


New GOMO app in Google Play
  • The old GOMO app no longer works so download the new GOMO app through Google Play or Apple App Store.
  • When you open the app, it will take you to a log-in page. Create an account and once done, the app will ask if you have registered. If not, then follow the prompts.
  • If you already have a GOMO account, the telco’s database will use data from that to automatically fill the form for you.
  • If you’re a minor, then you must register in the name of a legal guardian or parent. The information you used in the form must be the same one you used for your GOMO Account.
  • Take a selfie and take a picture of your valid ID.
  • Copy the reference number and save it somewhere in your notes app.

I just purchased a SIM Card after the deadline. Can I still register?

Certainly! While the SIM Registration law affects all prepaid and postpaid SIM Cards, old or new, newly purchased SIM Cards can still be registered at their respective telco using the same steps as above. However, upon purchase, the SIM Card is inactive and will become permanently deactivated if you don’t register within the next 180 days (6 months).