The SIM Registration Law is in effect!

No need to rush things. Just remember to register on time.

Scan the QR Code above to redirect to your respective SIM Card Registration link

It has been three days since the SIM Card Registration Law has taken effect. When the law took effect, the three telco giants DITO, Smart, and Globe all took different approaches to make their customers register. For example, Smart is offering FREE 3GB of data if you have successfully filled out the form. Globe, meanwhile, had problems with their website during the first day due to an unexpected number of requests coming at once. DITO is asking its users to register through the DITO App, and finally, GOMO said that its users are considered registered, provided that they have given the right and accurate information when they first signed up on the app.

We already made an article following the guidelines of the new law.


If you’re using GOMO, you don’t need to do anything. All you have to do is wait for further announcements so that you can send them your IDs. All users must register before April 23, 2023, or face their SIM Card being deactivated.


As for Globe, the company had experienced downtime issues for their SIM Card registration site. However, as of December 30th, 2022, it is now back online. The company reported about 1.5 million registrants already registered. Subsequently, Globe is also offering the SIM Registration through the GlobeOne app.

You can register through Globe’s website


Smart is offering its users FREE 3GB of data once registered. To register with Smart, simply go to Smart’s simreg website and wait for a confirmation that you got your free 3GB data.


New DITO users would have to register through an SMS link that will be provided by the company (it redirects to the same site where our QR Code will redirect you) and existing users would need to register through the DITO App. You can go to this link to register with DITO.

Important Reminders

  • Please thoroughly check each link as there are already scam e-mails popping up scaring the user that one of their apps has been deactivated because their SIM Card is not registered yet (e.g. with GCash). There may also be scammers pretending to be officials complete with a fake ID and uniform telling you to register. Remember that SIM Card registration is only online and that apps like GCash would never ask you to register SIM Cards, as the GlobeOne app exists
  • ALL new and old prepaid and postpaid SIM Cards must be registered, individually. You have until April 23, 2023 to register them. We suggest registering your regularly used SIM Cards (e.g. SIM Cards used for OTP, contact, etc). Minors would need consent from parents or a guardian, and thus, their ID is also required.
  • Ensure that all of your information is correct, accurate, and up-to-date. Forged information is a serious criminal offense and would lead to massive fines or jail time. It would also mean that your SIM Card may no longer be eligible to be registered
  • Carefully read all tick boxes and privacy statements. Telcos would tell you that they will use the information you have provided for business purposes, and to “improve services”. These are thankfully optional and you can just untick if it is ticked.
  • Don’t forget to read the guidelines of the SIM Registration Law which we have compiled as an article.