The Narzo N55 Design teased! A Realme C55 with a touch of Amazon Prime

It even comes with the Prime Blue colour!

Realme, with its sister company Narzo, has announced a somewhat new phone, designed in collaboration with Amazon. The announcement also teased about its charging speeds and how it is the “Next-gen Fast Charging Leader”. The phone will be introduced on April 12th.

In terms of its overall design and specs, it may be a rebranded Realme C55. If the name isn’t a blatant hint, then its camera layout may be. Due to that, it may have the same features including an 8MP dot notch camera, a 48MP primary, and a MediaTek Helio G88 chipset.

There’s also a black colour option, also with a two-tone design. Its marketing name is not known yet. Also, like the C55, the N55 will come with 33W fast charging. Not exactly a “leader” type because other phones of its price range certainly can go faster than that. Heck, the phone we have reviewed, the Wiko T50, has 40W charging for the same price as the C55.

Source: Amazon India