WWDC 2023 returns with a special FREE visit to Apple Park!

If you’re in the US and have RSVP’d by April 10th or is part of a student lottery system that is.

It’s that time of the year again. We’re so getting close to finishing 2023 halfway. Time flies rapidly, no? While the previous events have been online only due to version 19 of the COVID virus, WWDC 2023 will mark the return of physical attendance. However, there would also be an online live stream for those who cannot attend. The event will be held in Apple Park on June 5th.

You can attend sure but there’s a catch! You can only do so if you have managed to have a reservation on or before April 10th and these invitations are non-transferrable. Also, if you are a developer or student, there’s a chance you could visit the park in person. Apple had begun accepting invites starting March 29th, the same day when the 34th WWDC dates were announced.

Selected students and developers are determined via a random lottery system. If you got lucky, then congratulations! This is a big opportunity for you if you haven’t been to any WWDC event and a chance for you to meet senior Apple engineers and developers and explore Apple Park in Cupertino, USA. The event is free to visit but Apple will not provide accommodations so those who are willing to attend need to provide their own travel expenses.

For those who want to learn Swift, a programming language created by Apple to help developers create apps and programs through the Apple Ecosystem, WWDC 2023 will give opportunities for that through the Swift Student Challenge. Participants could use Swift Playgrounds — a learning app for junior Swift developers.

The challenge actually encourages developers and students to create an app based on a topic of their choice. Of course, it should fit the criteria Apple will provide. Deadline for submission is April 19th. Interested? You can apply through the Swift Student Challenge website.

As for showcases, this year, Apple will introduce the latest versions of iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, watchOS, and tvOS. There seems to be no announcement for new devices based on Apple’s press release. This year’s WWDC is ruled by developers, and consumers who are not into tech can still enjoy it because they will be aware of upcoming updates for the aforementioned operating systems.

Source: Apple Newsroom