The Google Pixel 7A will come in four colours. Two of these are named after Filipino foods!

With these colour names, we’re now more certain that Google has plans to officially bring the acclaimed series into the country.

IMAGE: Google Pixel 7

Only a month left before Google’s next I/O event becomes live! During that event, several new devices are anticipated from Google, including the Pixel 7A, Pixel Tab, and Pixel 8. There may also be new announcements or hints about the next Android version.

The Google Pixel series is a line that is mostly known by smartphone enthusiasts as the epitome of mobile computational photography. It is also a series where Google can test out new features for the newest releases of Android. It is the purest form of the “Stock Android” experience and is currently manufactured by HTC.

The Google Pixel 7 was received positively as being a great improvement over the Pixel 6 in terms of software, and it isn’t a buggy mess like the former. The A subseries is the Pixel line’s “lite” version, but even with that, they still have some technology that was adapted from the flagship main line at a fraction of the cost.

Enter the Google Pixel 7A. While nothing is official yet, a reliable tipster revealed the possible colour names, and like many of Google’s phones, they have some very interesting names. This year’s Pixel 7A will have Dinuguan Black, Vibrant Ube, Crispy Kale, Mayo Cream, and Tide Orange (which certainly is not a food). The first two colours may hint that the Google Pixel series will be hitting Philippine shores soon. We are actually quite excited about that. Also, some of our colleagues received their own Google Pixel 6 (Yes, received. Not purchased.) So it’s nigh time the Pixel series come forth here. Now, we truly have an “Android’s iPhone”.

Concerning specs and design, a 3D render shows the phone will have a similar (if not identical) design to the Pixel 7 which is not that surprising. However, the screen here is not curved and has a noticeably squarer body and larger chin and bezels. Don’t worry, the 90Hz AMOLED screen will remain. For reference, the Pixel 6A had an aluminium body and frame so it’s entirely possible that the Pixel 7A would also have it. Even the renders show those frames.

We’re also expecting a Tensor chipset. This chipset is what powers the Google Pixel starting with the 6 and 6 Pro. It is a chipset manufactured by Samsung (what a shocker) and is designed for top-notch AI performance and rugged security, including a Titan security chip built-in.

These are rumors and nothing yet is official, so we’ll take notes at the upcoming Google I/O coming next month. It is Android’s most anticipated event, just like how the Worldwide Developers’ Conference (WWDC) is for Apple and iOS devices.

Source: 9to5Google