No, Oppo and OnePlus are not leaving Europe

No patent law is going to stop them

FILE PHOTO: OnePlus 11 5G

After a heated patent war between Nokia and Oppo/OnePlus, there were rumours that, after Nokia won this battle, the companies will depart Europe which will heavily affect their sales. During this time, OnePlus released its finest flagship yet, the OnePlus 11 5G and Oppo has their flagship too, the X6 Series. Both of which were received positively.

Oppo has put these rumours to rest as both it and OnePlus will remain in Europe. “OnePlus will not exit from Europe and the UK and maintains stable operations in local markets. OnePlus will continue to invest in Europe and provide more innovative products and solutions to its users.” a OnePlus representative said.

Later, an Oppo spokesperson also announced against the rumour and that they have big plans for the region this year. “We had a great start in 2023 with the successful launches of several products in Europe and have a line-up of upcoming products for the rest of the year. As always, Oppo will continue to provide more innovative products and the best-in-class service for users moving forward.”

This paragraph mainly discusses Oppo’s roadmap in Europe but not rather they will stay. However, considering OnePlus debunked it, there’s a very high likely chance Oppo will also remain. This must be it for sure.

Recently, Oppo has released its 2nd-generation flip phone, the Find N2 Flip. This was officially released in Europe.

Source: GSMArena