Noppo: Nokia sues Oppo for patent infringement

Nokia Headquarters

Nokia is suing Oppo for SEP (standard-essential patents) and non-SEP infringements. In particular, Nokia’s 5G patents. These patents include connectivity, interface and security features, and they apply to the European and Asian markets.

Apparently, Oppo and Nokia signed a licensing contract last 2018, and it appears that the license is now void. Nokia claims that Oppo rejected on renewing the contract and so Nokia had to put it on legal matters since Oppo kept using the patents even after the contract is over.

“We have been negotiating the renewal of our patent licensing agreement with Oppo but unfortunately they have rejected our fair and reasonable offers. Litigation is always our last resort and we have offered to enter into independent and neutral arbitration to amicably resolve the matter. We still believe this would be the most constructive way forward” Nokia claimed.

Although Oppo would likely countersue, according to FOSS Patents, this is not advisable as the smartphone maker would also have to target carriers that use Nokia’s mobile base stations. They also said that Oppo will not gain much leverage by countersuing.

Oppo is not the only one using patents from Nokia. Companies like Lenovo, LG, Samsung, Apple and even Blackberry made deals with Nokia to use their patents legally.

Source: FOSS Patents