Vivo teases the V27 5G as a “studio in your pocket”

You like your cameras? So does Vivo. Their extensive experience in the art of photography has led to the creation of the Vivo V27 series.

While the Vivo V27 5G is not available yet, Vivo is teasing its most exciting feature in the V series yet. The dual-LED aura ring light is infused with “Aura Portrait” AI that simulates professional studio photography. Glamour and look fancy with Vivo’s new portrait mode!

Vivo’s #AuraPortraitMaster is one-of-a-kind in the market, the Vivo V27 series is a go-to device for photography enthusiasts.

So let’s start. Here are a few things to know about this new phone.

Light up your Aura with the Aura Portrait Algorithm

“Aura”, as Vivo describes it, is an energy a person feels but barely could see. It makes them feel radiant and powerful, as in “a powerful aura“. Vivo takes this concept to new heights as it equipped the Vivo V27 series with the Aura Portrait Algorithm.

This new feature is more than just playing with lights. It’s an innovation taken into account of Vivo’s master experience in the field of photography. From an additional studio-quality light source, a bigger “ultra-sensing” camera, an even more advanced portrait mode in a compact body, the Vivo V27 series is designed to capture professional photos and videos.

This innovation can be traced back to Vivo’s experimentation and balancing with different factors such as colors and brightness adjustments. Now, you can be your own magazine model with just a tap of a button. Imagine that! No need for ultra-expensive cameras. This algorithm makes skin tones more natural and details are taken much clearer. It also makes facial details defined so you could capture the beauty inside.

Power up your smartphone with professional lenses

When Vivo designed the V27 5G, it’s more than just software adjustments. The company went out of their way to include only the most sophisticated camera sensors available. Hence the reason why the 50MP primary camera is modified. It is sourced from the popular Sony IMX766 but here, the sensor is the Sony IMX766V. The “V” standing for “Vivo”. This modified sensor allows the phone to fully take advantage of its new algorithm innovation and allows for amazing shots in full light and no light situations. It truly is a studio in your pocket.

Get ready for your vlogger era with superior image mobility

Software enhancements? Check. Hardware improvements? Also check. However, the pocket studio just doesn’t end there. Vivo is still offering MORE. As some of you already know, the default Sony IMX766 sensor is equipped with OIS. Well, so does the IMX766V. Not only that, Vivo combined OIS and EIS together in a mode called “Dual Ultra Stabilization” which was only available through the company’s X series of flagship phones. Now you can experience this previously flagship-only feature at a more modest price point.

Stabilization, in a nutshell, allows you to take videos while in motion without having that annoying shake. This makes it look smooth and steady, and pretty satisfying video watching experience as well.

Strut with an impressively unique and stylish device

Vivo is a company that’s not only known for its photography experience but also for its elegantly designed smartphones, even during their heyday. For the Vivo V27, the company is introducing brand new flavours to the phone that complements its “pocket studio” flair.

Because of its cool tone, the new Emerald Green colorway combined with vivo’s very own Photochromic 2.0 Technology delivers a stunning and eye-catching look to the new V27 series. This Studio in Your Pocket is said to have an ultra-thin body and the thinnest 3D curved screen in vivo’s V Series history– all for a comfortable and ergonomic grip.

In case you missed it, the Vivo V27 series was launched in China first sporting the all new MediaTek Dimensity 7200 as well as a 3D curved AMOLED screen. Stay tuned, as the Vivo V27 5G is going to be available shortly in the Philippines. We’ll update you once that happens.