DITO accuses Smart and Globe of dominating the telco space.

Meanwhile, Globe reiterated that DITO has interconnection violations. The new telco war has started.

Well well well, isn’t this quite interesting? The third new telco finally showed its prideful side after the company grew so much in just a year. DITO accused Globe and Smart of dominating the telco space and has filed complaints to the Philippine Competition Commission for unfairly taking advantage of DITO. This 30-page resolution is also meant to solve the company’s interconnection issues with the two major rivals that have been an issue for “almost one year”.

“As of right now, the state of interconnection between us and Smart and Globe is we are actually in a state of non-connection. This is very critical. This is very important,” Chief Administrative Officer Adel Tamano said to reporters in Taguig City.

He also cited that in every 100 calls that pass, only one should not be able to interconnect. He also argued that only 30 of the 100 calls made are passed through one network, and the other, only 20 calls. Tamano did not specify the telcos mentioned.

In response, Globe has requested the NTC to penalize DITO Telecommunity for the interconnection issues, amounting to a total of Php622 million. Globe reasoned that the penalties were due to “fraudulent calls” made using DITO’s network to Globe which bypassed “proper voice traffic channels”.

In addition, Globe also said that DITO refused to compensate the company and has defied provisions made with its interconnection agreements.

Source: GMA News, Philippine News Agency