LG releases the TONE Free series of TWS earbuds!

Only their mobile division died so it shouldn’t surprise you that they still make other things, including audio gear. The design of these is also pretty futuristic!

LG… a company that is quite popular for their appliances and their wacky innovations for smartphones. Well, the latter is now under constant sleep mode, but that doesn’t mean they will stop supporting their handsets. Heck, they even released a tablet in their home country, so how about that?

Audio isn’t their main line but when they do release anything audio-related, it’s of high quality. Just check out their flagship phones. The V and G series is one of the rare flagships to not just keep the headphone jack but also have a Quad-DAC chip providing for a rich, flavorful, and surround sound experience! The TONE Free series is a set of TWS earbuds designed for the outgoing.

As these earbuds are designed for those who engage in outdoor sports as well as for casual and entertainment use, a high level of durability and a clear, rich sound and call quality are expected. Indeed, they have an IP67 water/dust resistance rating. There are three released. These include the top-level T90 and the lower-level T60. Both have similar features but the T60 is cheaper but also comes with compensation. There is also the sporty TF7 and TF8 series for the Free Fit.

TONE T90 and T60

The T90 (definitely not the Russian tank) is the name of the flagship TONE Free TWS earbuds. These have a special graphene film that reduces vibrations and enhances sound quality making it richer, crispier, and deep-sounding. In partnership with Meridian Audio, both the T90 and T60 come with Meridian’s High Spatial Processing (HSP) which allows for a more natural sound. The company’s Perfect Balance technology allows for music or sound to be processed at a moderate level of volume.

The earbuds also have support for Dolby Atmos and is the first to support Head Tracking. This method recalibrates the sound whenever you rock and bob the stage using your head so you always get a clear and consistent sound experience. This level of immersion makes you feel like you’re the star of the show!

Other features include Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound with 24-bit/96kHz high-res audio, Hi-Res certification, and low-latency calls thanks to the features mentioned. LG also claims that the earbuds are perfect while gaming due to this low latency.

Let’s not forget Active Noise Cancellation which is also present. This feature further improves the Double Step Algorithm and Real-Time Optimizer. The former applies a new filter with a higher sampling rate so that external noise can be filtered out more efficiently. Meanwhile, the Real Time Optimizer analyzes the position of the earbuds and adjusts the noise cancellation accordingly.

Speaking of calls, the Voice Pickup Unit feature detects and filters ambient noise whenever you’re in a call. It activates whenever you speak so that your voice is still loud and clear on the receiving end.

In terms of battery life, LG claims that the ear pods have 9 hours of battery life and up to 29 hours when the pair are stored within its charging case. It also has wireless charging. Pretty neat how LG managed to fit a magnetic coil inside the tiny cramped charging case.

The T60 has similar features but it takes away a few things to justify a lower price point. These removals sadly include Active Noise Cancellation, Head Tracking, Voice Pickup Unit, and wireless charging. It is a watered-down version with all the things that make the T90 unique removed.

In terms of dynamic drivers, both the T90 and T60 feature an 11 ? dynamic driver, and both feature a triple mic system. They both have medical-grade silicone ear gels and the case is UVNano protected. These two features prevent bacteria on growing with the earbuds.

TONE Free Fit TF7 and TF8

TONE Free Fit TF7

The TONE Free Fit TF7 and TF8 are designed for the sporty. These here earbuds have an IP68 water/dust resistance rating so your sweat won’t kill the earbuds. They also come with the same Meridian features as the mainstream TONE Free line so you can ensure that your calls and sound experience are as clear as day.

The SwivelGrip design on these earbuds ensures that they won’t fall off your ears easily, that way you don’t need to buy another pair for replacement.

The differences between the TF7 and TF8 are minor but they also play important roles. For instance, the TF7 does not include TF8’s Plug and Wireless feature that allows the charging case to act as a Bluetooth transmitter when it is connected to a USB-C to AUX cable.

LG did not announce prices yet but they did mention that it will be available this month in selected markets, and of course, we don’t know if the Philippines is included.

Source: LG Newsroom