Denmark bans Chromebooks and Google Workspaces due to data risks

An Acer Chromebook

Chromebooks may not be as studded or as performant as Windows laptops or MacBooks, but they sure are really great for productivity use. Schools and sometimes, offices around the world use them for their easy-to-navigate operating system, as well as Google’s services. Well maybe except in Denmark.

Denmark has banned Chromebooks over worries about data usage. Officials from Helsingør were ordered last year to conduct a risk assessment regarding on how Google manages user data.

The final verdict? The country’s data protection agency Datatilsynet, revealed that the data processed by Google does not meet the standards imposed by the European Union’s GDPR data privacy regulations. These include services such as Meet, Gmail, Docs, Calendar, and Drive.

Specifically, the organization found that, based on Google’s Terms and Conditions, allows its data to be transferred to other countries for the purpose of providing support despite how the company’s data is processed in Google’s EU Data centers.

While Chromebooks and Google Workspaces are primarily used in schools, the municipality of Helsingør found that there is a breach of personal security regarding Google’s own software services back in 2020. This newest ruling only applies to schools.

Datatilsynet noted that this ruling “may also apply to other municipalities” that use Google Workspaces and Chromebooks. Helsingør has until 3rd August to delete user data but the ban is now in-effect.

Source: TechCrunch