On August 3, OnePlus will reveal the 10T. It comes with slight modifications to its design

This one boasts speed too

After the success of the 10 Pro (there’s no regular variant), and the 1-year absence of the 9T, the T series from OnePlus is finally back. This series is often touted as the better version and is praised more than the vanilla variant, so we’re hoping to see that the OnePlus 10T actually delivers.

OnePlus constantly releases teasers over their social media pages. One of the specs revealed is the use of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chipset based on a 4nm TSMC process. Teasers also show of a 360-degree antenna system and Smart Link, which improves connectivity and prevents lag.

via: OnLeaks

The differences in design between the two are subtle. It’s noticeable upon closer inspection. The rumored design shows that the camera hump is now mounded at the back and uses a plastic material. Also, the flash is now located at the top instead of the bottom. It may also not feature the iconic Alert Slider that OnePlus is renowned for. This will exclusively be available on the Pro units. Not even the Nords would get them in the near future. The front camera now stands in the middle of the display and the camera system appears to not have any Hasselblad branding.

The event will start in New York, 7:30PM India Standard time, or 10:00PM Philippines. It will launch on the 3rd of August.

Source: OnePlus