Want to have 5G capabilities with your Huawei phone? This case should help you with that

If there’s an objective, there’s a way.

Due to US restrictions, Huawei couldn’t get a hold of 5G technologies which is a huge problem considering network infrastructure is their main line of business. Thankfully, an affiliate named Soyealink (sounds like a name they took out of a milk carton) is here to provide a solution.

The company’s line of business is also network solutions so it should be somewhat trustworthy. The company has created a case that has 5G inside of it. This means that this case has a chip inside. This ain’t an ordinary hard case!

Based on the design, it appears that the case is intended for the company’s flagship phone, the Huawei P50 series. Soyealink however, has plans to create more cases for other Huawei phones in the future.


You can’t simply slap the case onto the phone and expect 5G to appear magically. That’s not how science works. There is a process for everything. The signal communicates via radio waves for the eSIM cards so users need to enable this feature in the settings if they haven’t already. After slapping the case onto the phone, the user will be guided on how to set 5G up with this case on. Simultaneously, the phone’s main SIM Card and the case’s eSIM feature will be merged into one and if properly installed, “5G” will read on the phone’s taskbar.

It’s such a stealthy yet simple solution that could avoid the watchful eye of US sanctions.

The case is currently only available in China and will launch this June, with a price of CNY 799 (~Php 6.2K). Which, come to think of it, is pretty expensive but at least there’s a solution to it. A few more cash would get you to phones like the Aqua S10 Pro 5G and the Poco M4 Pro 5G if 5G’s your only concern and you’re ready to ditch or make your Huawei phone secondary.

Source: Huawei Central