Starlink will start operations next month, as per DTI

Satellite Internet sounds like the future. We hope it lives up

SpaceX has been hard at work to get their papers processed in the country and has been securing permits, including those from NTC and DTI.

Trade Chief Ramon Lopez, based on an interview by ANC, said that the company has already secured its documents at the Security Exchange Commission (SEC). Previously, the DTI said that they are speeding up the process of SpaceX’s paperwork so that they can start setting up infrastructures and communications stations as soon as possible, before President Duterte’s term ends.

The Philippines will be the first Southeast Asian country to receive Starlink’s services. According to the Department of Information Communications Technology (DICT), the amended Public Service Act has increased the potential of foreign telcos investing in the country. The amended PSA allows 100 percent foreign ownership.

Now that they have secured the paperwork for the DTI, the next step is to communicate with the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC). Lopez said that they want Starlink to start before the end of June 30th, at least for the first three gateways.

“They intend to start to start operations, at least the first of the 3 gateways, before the end of June 30, before the end of the term of President Duterte,” Lopez said

“They will start the use of their low earth orbit satellites and then the gateways are essential to capture the signals from the LEOs and pass it on to consumers or link it up to telcos in the country,” he added

Source: ABS-CBN