YouTube Go…es away this August

It was a lower-end variant of YouTube specifically for Android Go devices, so we’re wondering why they’re shelving this one out.

YouTube Go is Google’s diet version of the original YouTube app, intended for weaker Android Go handsets. The app does not contain the most common parts the regular YouTube app has, such as comment sections, ability to post content, and switching to dark mode. It’s main purpose was to load videos faster on situations where there is a slow internet service.

It was launched in 2016 and was intended for the Android One project. In 2017, Android One shifted to be available for regular mainstream devices and Android Go was created in its place

In a blog post, YouTube announced that the stripped-down version of YouTube will be going away this August. The main reason was that the regular YouTube app is now optimized enough even for budget phones to handle, making the Go variant redundant. Users are encouraged to view YouTube on a browser or download the regular YouTube app instead. The statement reads:

“Today, we are announcing that YouTube Go will be sunsetted beginning in August. To access YouTube, we recommend that YouTube Go users install the main YouTube app or visit in their browsers.”

“In comparison with YouTube Go, the main YouTube app provides a better overall user experience as well as offers features that aren’t available on YouTube Go that many have asked for – such as the ability to comment, post, create content, and use dark theme.

It was good while it lasted, thank you for providing low-end users a good YouTube alternative, YouTube Go!

Source: Google