Through several biometric authentications, Microsoft, Apple, and Google join hands together in making a password-free future!

Just like cars now going keyless, soon we will have logins that don’t require passwords!

Passwords have been the most used form of security we have to date. It applies to a lot of things such as websites and bank accounts.

The big three tech companies Microsoft, Apple, and Google join together to create a more secure password-less future in the same logic as to how cars today now run keyless.

According to Verizon’s annual data breach report, passwords are outdated and are notoriously insecure as they can easily be guessed even if a user enters the hardest and most cryptic form of passwords there are.

Without passwords, how is this type of security more secure for users? The big three have been expanding their support for a password-free future through the means of fingerprint or face unlock, a standard implemented by the FIDO Alliance and the Worldwide Web Consortium.

“The complete shift to a passwordless world will begin with consumers making it a natural part of their lives,” said Microsoft vice president Alex Simons. “By working together as a community across platforms, we can at last achieve this vision and make significant progress toward eliminating passwords.”

A key benefit of using a password-free security method in addition to using security keys helps users prevent phishing attempts that deceive them into entering their credentials, thus compromising their accounts.

According to Google Product Manager and FIDO Alliance President Sampath Sanrivas, this new concept will begin its trials on Android and Chrome over the course of the coming year. Apple and Microsoft also plan to do the same.

“This will simplify sign-ins across devices, websites, and applications no matter the platform – without the need for a single password, when you sign into a website or app on your phone, you will simply unlock your phone,” Sanrivas said in a blog post.

Mobile phones will store FIDO Credentials through a “passkey” which will be used to unlock online accounts. No password needed.

There are several apps already that just use biometric authentication instead of passwords. If your phone has a fingerprint scanner, then you can use it instead of typing over your password. It’s a seamless and rapid method of unlocking, in addition to it being very secure. Some of these include e-wallets like Maya and GCash, and Bank applications such as BPI Mobile.

Source: ABS-CBN