Oppo collaborates with Anytime Fitness to promote a healthy lifestyle and features the all-new Oppo Watch Free.

Even Oppo is telling you to touch some grass

The pandemic and constant levels of community quarantine have kept us locked inside our houses. Thanks to mass vaccination and frontliners’ efforts, people are now going back to their usual lives and this includes going back to their usual fitness routine.

Oppo has collaborated with Anytime Fitness to further help Filipinos with their overall health and fitness routines. The company already makes smart wearables such as smartwatches and those already include fitness trackers. With the help of Anytime Fitness, however, these measures can further be improved.

“The current health crisis emphasized, even more, the importance of having a well-balanced lifestyle. With this collaboration, OPPO aims to encourage Filipinos to lead this kind of lifestyle with our wearables as it helps them track their work and play, night or day. This makes it more convenient for us to stay healthy and strong, especially amid these uncertain times,” said Chiqui Tapawan, Head of Marketing Communications of OPPO Philippines.

Oppo users registered through the MyOppo app as well as Oppo employees can enjoy a 10% discount when applying for membership in any Anytime Fitness affiliated clubs and branches. This discount can be applied to both installment and full payments. This promo runs from April 2022 until April 2023. That’s a full year worth of discount. In the same time period, all of Oppo’s IoT products are available for 20% less when they shop at Oppo’s official Brand Stores. This discount can also be applied to Oppo’s Shopee and Lazada.

The promo is also available to new users who had just signed up for the “My Oppo” app. In addition, Oppo employees can also enjoy the waived joining fee.

Anytime Fitness also has a contribution to this partnership. There will be a 10-part digital workout series that will be uploaded on Oppo Philippines’ official YouTube channel. Consider subscribing and hitting the bell icon to get yourself notified for every video they release.

The mini-series will feature top Anytime Fitness coaches with their customized work and also serves as the debut of the Oppo Watch Free.

The new Oppo Watch Free has a 1.64in. curved AMOLED screen and is equipped with a heart rate sensor. It caters to over 100 workout modes and is integrated with running courses. The heart rate monitor is always active and working and it will alert users for unusual or irregular heartbeats. It also has a feature that monitors sleep behaviour called OSleep. This feature analyzes and monitors users’ sleep activity before, during, and after bedtime.

In a nutshell, this entire partnership is basically a huge marketing tool for the new Oppo Watch Free and other accessories such as the Enco Air 2. They even put up a price in the press release. It costs Php5,499 and comes in Black and Vanilla and is available on Oppo’s Brand Stores and e-commerce stores.

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