Effy is a social media app that combines TikTok and Clubhouse!

The main objective of the social media app is to hear everyone’s voices and opinions.

COVID-19 has affected everyone. No one is immune to its psychological and mental effects. It has caused widespread isolation, prejudice, concern, fear, and stress. Not only that, it also caused anxiety, depression, loneliness, and hopelessness to several individuals around the world. Times were tough. You couldn’t meet your friends and enjoy the things you want to before the pandemic happened.

People needed somewhere to talk about things, somewhere where you could express how you truly feel and share those feelings with like-minded people around the world. Effy is one of those examples. It is a newly created audio-only social media app like Clubhouse but with a greater emphasis on sharing an opinion and feelings within a 30-second timeframe.

Live-streaming is also an option. This allows for longer conversations and helps you share your points of view much more broadly.

Early 2021 saw the rise of audio-only social media apps like Clubhouse. This popularity was caused by a number of factors, such as the hype created by Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk. That app prioritized on longer conversations, but Effy prioritizes more on short-form audio. It’s like YouTube Shorts or Tiktok without video.

“We believe in the extraordinary power of voice and the message it conveys. With extra factors, such as visual cues, filtered out, one can listen to others’ voices and their true implication more clearly.” CEO of Effy, Seunggi Kim, said.

Effy is a short-form audio service carrying the idea of letting its users share their opinions with other users within the app. While recording is a feature, the social media app recommends its users to go live as this will feel more authentic, making it more enjoyable.

Its interactive broadcast feature makes it easy to engage with stream listeners on chat. Moreover, users can also discuss different issues that surround us today, including contemporary social media apps like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter. A gift-like system called ‘Claps’ allows for the following of other streamers and share thoughts on their broadcasts.

The entire point of Effy is to deviate from the usual long-term conversation and instead focus on short-form audio with emphasis on freedom of speech. Current social media, according to Effy, is dominated by influencers and the general public. Since most social media apps are strict when it comes to sharing different opinions, they couldn’t really say what they want to say without being penalized. Effy has been created to solve that particular problem. So it’s like an open forum of sorts.

The built-in text-to-speech in the Effy app allows the voices of its users to be transcribed into text. Users can also opt to join group voice chats. They can also create their own if desired.

For more info, visit Effy’s website.