The US Government has added Alibaba and Tencent to its “notorious markets list”

Piracy, it’s a crime. You wouldn’t just download a car, right?

Alibaba Headquarters

Last Thursday, the US Trade Representatives have been keeping a close eye on companies allegedly participating in the sale of counterfeit goods as well as pirated products. The list includes 35 physical markets and 42 online markets. The two major companies included in this list are Alibaba and Tencent, two of the world’s largest e-commerce sites.

According to USTR, AliExpress is facilitating the sale of counterfeit products, including piracy of certain media like games and movies. Obviously, with a big of a company like Alibaba, China will respond. The Chinese government claimed that the United States should “objectively reflect efforts and progress made by China” or in other words, demand the United States play fairly in the evaluation.

In response to the list, AliExpress said that it would cooperate with the US government to fix the issues. Tencent also responded by saying they will “work and collaborate to solve the matter as soon as possible”.

The notorious markets list does not penalize companies. It does, however, damage the reputation of companies listed in it, and in the world of e-commerce, reputation is important so that consumers would still be trustworthy of them. Other companies in the notorious markets list include Taobao, Baidu Wangban, and DHGate.

Source: Reuters