PLDT discontinues the TVolution Roku service this March.

The evolution has passed

The TVolution is PLDT’s way of bringing streaming services to the Philippines the same way the Chromecast and the Mi Box do it. PLDT is, however, ditching it as part of a newer business strategy to focus on improved entertainment services for its current and potential customers. Users who currently have a subscription for Video-on-Demand can still enjoy their subscription, and can still be used on their TVolution. Users still using the TVolution service are fairly compensated.

Cignal subscribers can transfer their current subscription in exchange for a Cignal Set-top-box free of charge. In addition, users who own multiple TVolution devices with the Cignal satellite service are also given the chance to obtain a second STB FOR FREE.

PLDT Home DSL users would also be offered a similar deal. They can exchange their Home DSL for Fiber services for free. There’s no refresh on their lock-in period and installation is also FREE. If you are in an area where Fiber services aren’t available, then you would be given the chance to waive your monthly TVolution and Cignal subscription.

Source: PLDT Home