Converge and SKY ranks on top on Netflix’s ISP Index for December 2021

Fast internet speeds, terrible service.

Netflix may be known for their streaming service, but didn’t you know they also measure the performance of different ISPs around the world? They own the connection speed test that measures how fast your internet speed is. It makes sense. In order for you to use streaming services, your internet connection needs to be decent and stable enough.

Talking about performance, in their latest ISP Index for 2021, both Converge and Sky Cable share the top spot as the top local ISP for streaming services, making them the most ideal and most stable for use in streaming.

In their report, both Converge and SKY accumulated an average speed of 3.6Mbps. Top Internet Service Providers Globe and PLDT came in second, averaging in 3.4Mbps speeds. Royal Cable, another small ISP, ranked third at 3.2Mbps.

The Index refreshes every month so we can’t wait which service would claim the top spot for January 2022. Last November, all four (PLDT, Globe, Converge, SKY) reached the top spot averaging a speed of 3.4Mbps.

You can see the entire rankings by checking the link here.