NFT profile pictures on Twitter are going to be a thing

They will be shown as a hexagonal picture on a user’s profile.

In the vast space of the internet, two things are what interest most companies today: NFTs and the metaverse. Twitter has jumped to the NFT wagon and is now allowing users to sell and create their own NFT profile pictures.

The feature would first roll out on the iOS version of Twitter Blue, which is the company’s monthly-based subscription service. It would start first as a beta feature for testing, before being rolled out for public use.

Users with a hexagonal profile picture can associate their account with their public cryptowallet address. This means that the user’s Twitter account will be associated with the current and previous cryptowallet transactions and holdings. As NFTs are on a public blockchain, the Twitter account would also be associated with every NFT associated with the account.

As Twitter Blue is only available currently to select countries, NFT profile pictures would also be only available to where Twitter Blue is available. This means that NFT profile pictures are only available in New Zealand, Australia, the United States, and Canada.

Source: Twitter