Oppo repeats the Google Glasses with a so-called “assisted reality” device

AR is a scary and fascinating technology that binds reality and the virtual.

Oppo has recently unveiled the Air Glass. These pair of glasses can state the wearer in the world of Augmented Reality (AR) and will go on sale early next year. The concept of these glasses is similar to the Google Glasses. Oppo refers to their Augmented Reality tech as “Assisted Reality”. In case you don’t know what AR is, it makes virtual items seem like it was in the real world. One example of a commonly used AR tech is Pokemon Go, where users catch virtual Pokemon on “the real world”.

The glasses use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 4100 processor and weigh around 30g. The Glasses can last up to 3h on a single usage and 40h when on standby. The inside of the frame has magnetic connectors that allow it to be attached better than conventional glasses.

The glasses also include a projector that can display whatever it is you can see on the glasses. This MicroLED projector can reach up to 3 million peaks of brightness although Oppo said that the actual brightness is 1400nits on conventional usage. The display is controllable through voice, touch, hand and head tracking, and through a complementary smartphone app called Smart Glass on any Oppo phone running at least ColorOS11.

While the tech seems cool at first glance, Oppo gave it only a minimal amount of practical uses. The glasses could work similarly to a smartwatch wherein you can check calls and messages as well as notifications. You can also use the glasses to ask for directions and features already available on apps like Google Lens such as real-time translation. In a nutshell, it’s a physical version of Google Lens and as useless as Google Glasses.

Oppo also said they aren’t planning on mass producing this as it is just a concept device on what could the future look like. It would be available on a limited release in China in Q1 2022. The glasses were part of Oppo’s Inno Day event where the company shows off its latest innovations and concept devices. One of the devices shown there is their foldable phone with little to no creases

Source: The Verge