Cherry rereleases the Aqua S9 as the new Aqua S10. The Omega X was also rereleased as the Aqua X

Chipset shortage affects everyone

Cherry Omega/Aqua X (left), Cherry Aqua S10 (right)

Cherry has recently announced two “new” smartphones quietly. These two are the Aqua X and the Aqua S10. Both of these phones are actually rereleased variants of the already existing Omega X and Aqua S9 with some minor changes.

Starting with the Aqua S10, everything is identical to the Aqua S9 apart from the cameras. Instead of an 8mp front camera, the Aqua S10 has a higher 13mp front camera. The main camera is now 16mp instead of 13mp. There’s also a 5mp ultrawide, a 2mp macro, and a 2mp depth sensor. Another main difference is that the Aqua S10 natively runs Android 11 while the Aqua S9 can run it via OTA. It retained the USB-C and large battery, and even the price, however.

The Aqua X on the other hand is nearly identical to the Omega X. Both of these use the Helio P23 sensor which we’re surprised still stands to Android 11 despite its age. There’s also a singular 13mp rear camera with LED Flash. The display is 6.2in. HD+ IPS LCD, like the Omega X. The battery is also small for today’s standards, only standing for 3500mAh capacity. It uses a MicroUSB port to charge.


  • Cherry Mobile Aqua S10 4/64: Php3,999
  • Cherry Mobile Aqua X: Php3,599

Surprisingly it kept the original prices of their predecessors. The phones would soon be available to Cherry Mobile stores within the year

Source: Walastech 1 (Aqua X), Walastech 2 (Aqua S10)