The next Snapdragon flagship chipset may be called “Snapdragon 898”

Don’t break the tradition Qualcomm

The Snapdragon 888 5G, the current flagship chipset from Qualcomm

There are rumours suggesting that the next flagship chipset by Qualcomm is called “Snapdragon 898”. Previously, Qualcomm had a tradition of naming their flagship chipsets as “Snapdragon 8×5” where the “X” stands for the next-gen chipset (e.g. 835, 845, and 865). However with the introduction of the SD888, Qualcomm has broke this streak and tradition.

Snapdragon 898

Qualcomm may be starting a new streak as it may name chipsets as “Snapdragon 8×8” since the next one is reportedly called “Snapdragon 898”. Okay, enough with the naming, let’s get on the purported specs. According to a reliable leaker Ice Universe, this chipset will be based on a 4nm fabrication process that Samsung will be manufacturing. Also, this new chipset has a different CPU cluster in contrast to the Snapdragon 888.

Instead of the usual 1+3+4 CPU cluster, the new chipset is instead will use a 1+3+2+2 CPU cluster. In it, there would be a single Kryo 780 large core based on the Cortex X2 super-core. There would also be three Cortex A-710 CPU cores, and there would be two efficiency cores (four in total, but at different clock speeds). These cores are the two Kryo A-510 cores and the same two CPUs but at a lower clock speed, hence 1+3+2+2 cluster. The main difference is that the energy efficiency cores now have differing clock speeds.

For the GPU, the Adreno 730 is expected. The chipset should be announced by December this year. There are also rumours of a TSMC version with the same 4nm process coming next year.

In related news, its main rival and antagonist, Mediatek is also spicing up some plans for a 4nm flagship chipset also next year.

Source: GizChina, GizmoChina