OnePlus Nord CE gets official renders. Looks quite similar to the original Nord

The OnePlus Nord CE is soon to be launched this 10th June, and OnePlus is slowly but consistently dropping hints and peeks on what the phone might look like. This time we have an official render, as seen above. The phone has a familiar design.

The OnePlus Nord CE has a design in line with the original Nord. In India, it is expected to cost slightly lower than the original Nord, meaning this phone is a toned-down version of the Nord.

The colour seen here is the Blue Void colour that is also available in the original Nord. While the Core Edition is similar to Nord in many respects, there are a few key differences:

OnePlus - OnePlus (United States)
The original OnePlus Nord

From the design itself, there are subtle changes. One, the flash is now located at the bottom row of the camera system and there is now one less camera in contrast to the original Nord’s four. Also, the blue colour on the Core Edition is called “Blue Void” while the original is called “Blue Marble”.

While we don’t know yet what the specs of the cameras of the Nord CE are, one of them could be an ultrawide, as the first two are of similar sizes. The last one could either be a macro or depth sensor, because that’s all the rage these days.

According to OnePlus, the “Core” in the name stands for “reduction – distilling the product down to the most important things. ” Meaning, it will have less gimmicks than what others offer, it’s straightforward, somehow like the Asus Zenfone 8.

Also, Oliver Zhang, the Head Product of OnePlus, has added that the Core Edition will “avoid very exaggerated specifications” and instead give users a more practical experience, like adding 30W fast charging (Warp Charge), 90Hz display, which is already seen on the original Nord, AMOLED display and 5G.

So yes, this won’t beat the OnePlus 9 in terms of performance, however, this is another great addition to OnePlus’ midrange lineup and a great follow-up to the already great OnePlus Nord. Don’t expect much from the specs though, but even if that was the case, OnePlus will surely bring the best of the midrange to the table.

Source: TechRadar