Realme Book and tablet appeared on Android Authority as an exclusive sneak peek!

Image source: Android Authority

The Realme Book has appeared on live images taken by Android Authority! The Realme Book is also BBK’s first ever laptop.

On Twitter, the CEO of Realme India and Europe Madhav Max, has tweeted this binary string that teases the Realme Book. The string simply translates “Hello World!” in reference to the first ever program that novice programmers will create. In the tweet, the laptop is slightly peeking from the brown envelope shown, just like how Steve Jobs pulled a 2008 MacBook Air from an envelope during its reveal.

Based on the photos above, the laptop appears to have an aluminium design and slim bezels. Realme is not even hiding its fruity inspiration here. The design of the laptop does indeed resemble a MacBook but for a more general audience, and at a more affordable price. Also, there are dual speakers on the back plate, which means this will be using stereo speakers for audio. Of course, while it looks like a MacBook, it will use Windows, and will be priced for a more general audience, as mentioned.

The laptop will have a 3:2 aspect ratio, which, according to Android Authority, will be the main selling point of this laptop. Also there may be a USB-C port for charging on-board, although Android Authority said they don’t have full confirmation yet. They also said that there may be more than one variation of the laptop and the features and specs may vary once the laptop is revealed.

Oh, and one more thing…

Realme Tablet

Realme Pad BBK Electronics tablet leaked

When Android Authority took exclusive images for the Realme Book, there was also a glimpse of the Realme Tablet, which they unfortunately do not have a prototype of. However, they said that this device will be unveiled during the global release of the Realme GT this 15th June. However, based on this image, it looks like this tablet will be built on aluminium materials and what looks like a dual camera system.

Source: Android Authority