Announced in WWDC, Facetime is now available for Android and Windows users!

During Apple’s WWDC event two days ago, Apple announced that Windows and Android users can finally use FaceTime, meaning the app is no longer exclusive to iOS devices only. Android and Windows users rejoice!

The announcement was part of the iOS 15 launch segment of the event. While we are surprised for Apple to do this, since it’s quite unusual for them, we believe they have a reason why, that is, to compete with apps such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams and the fact that Apple is no longer relying on its phones alone for their profits, rather, the company has shifted to a service-based model.

And speaking of Zoom, the new update for FaceTime will be turned into a more conference-based video calling app instead of a personal 1:1 app. Alongside iOS 15, this new version of Facetime may be available this fall, or if you’re not USian like us, around September this year.

Along with the new conference-based call, Apple has also introduced multiple features including a grid view option, voice isolation that improves sound quality, spatial audio and even portrait mode that allows you to blur the background

Source: WWDC 2021 (has ended)