Unreleased LG Velvet 2 Pro can be purchased by LG Employees

IMAGE: LG Velvet, Courtesy of: LG

LG announced last month that they are closing their doors on the smartphone business and because of that, numerous unreleased phones started popping up. The closure is to be finalised around July.

LG Velvet 2 Pro

One of these planned but unreleased phones include the LG Velvet 2 Pro (we hope the standard version would also pop up). This phone popped up on Twitter, possibly from an LG employee (the Tweet is locked and cannot be viewed unless you have special permissions). According to the user, there are about 3000 units available and employees can only buy up to two units in which they can’t resell.

The phone is currently selling for about $170 (~8K php), which is way lower in comparison to the price when the phone is actually launched. For context, the original LG Velvet costs $600 (~28.7K) on AT&T.

The design of the LG Velvet 2 Pro is similar to its predecessor except there are no logos to be found (possibly due to it being unreleased) and the fact all the cameras protrude now, vs only one in the LG Velvet. The colour shown above is called Beige, and there would have been two others: a black one with a glossy finish, and a Bimetallic Bronze with a matte finish.

The design is almost identical to the first, still sporting the U-shaped notch which we haven’t seen since the Redmi Note 7. The phone also has ditched the physical power and volume buttons for pressure-sensitive ones. While the processor wasn’t mentioned, nor the camera sensors and MP sizes, we can expect it would’ve been similar to the original LG Velvet.

The phone will also never receive software updates. Forgivable, since the phone will never launch. On the bright side, there is a 6-month after-sales service or until supplies last.

Source: GizmoChina