LeEco’s comeback is getting closer…

Remember LeEco? It was just one of those bang-for-buck Chinese smartphone companies offering more specs than its price. Technically it was Xiaomi before Xiaomi was a thing, or got popular. The company left the smartphone market around 2017 due to financial problems.

Recently, they’ve announced a comeback, and would launch a variety of products last 18th May. In this article, we will discuss some of those products launched.

In the product launch, LeEco would launch a Smart TV, which is their main offering, a new smartphone dubbed “super phone” and Bluetooth speakers.

The LeEco Super Phone is a smartphone that would be launched by LeEco in China. It is still unsure whether the phone would launch internationally as well. No specs were given yet, but based from the screengrabs from a reliable tipster, it appears to have slim bezels, possibly a dot notch phone. Also, the company has renamed itself to “LeTV”, as its main product is smart TVs. There would be a separate livestream launching of the phone in its Native country, but the date has not been announced yet.

Another product the company launched (for real this time) are two powerbanks again only available in China. These are the DY-20 and DY-30. LE-DY20 has 20,000mAh capacity while the LE-DY30 has 30,000mAh capacity. Both have similar features in that it has a USB-C port and 65W bidirectional fast charging. In addition, both powerbanks have a small LCD screen that displays how much power is left within the powerbank and other useful features. It is built on an aluminium alloy shell and costs 638 CNY (~4.7K php)

Of course, we can’t leave without discussing their Smart TVs and even launched a monitor. These include the LeTV Super TV M65, LeTV Super TV GS series and the LeTV Gaming Monitor 2Q. Though, there have been not much details regarding it, LeEco would also probably launch a separate event discussing these TVs and the monitor.

Source: GizmoChina, MySmartPrice