LG reportedly closing on April 5th, LG rollable phone may get cancelled

LG Rollable was announced and is expected to debut on CES2021

A few weeks ago, LG has extensively been looking for a buyer for their mobile business, one of which was VinGroup. The negotiation failed because the asking price is too much for VinGroup to handle, which would mean one thing, that is to terminate their mobile arm for real.

New rumours have appeared. On XDA Developers, there are new rumours saying LG will close the mobile arm this coming few days, particularly, 5th April.

“LG Electronics appears to have decided to pull out of its money-losing smartphone business and entered into a transition process to relocate its mobile communications employees to other business units,” an article on The Korea Times said.

Back in January, LG denied the rumors and said that they won’t shutdown. In fact, they are confident about it, teasing new phones including a new rollable phone which they believe could help them “bounce back into the mobile business”, however after negotiations failed, the inevitable has arrived.

If the rumours turn out to be true, then a legend will pass away, from once one of the largest phone companies, now sliding down into the dust as if they don’t exist. They are sharing the same fate as HTC did. Also, all plans LG have will be scrapped for this year and moving forward, this also includes the rollable phone they have been excited to reveal to us about.

LG is the manufacturer responsible for many great phones like the Pixel 2 XL and Nexus 5. They also once supplied Apple their displays and has manufactured the innovative P-OLED screens which is being used on their televisions and phones, but most importantly, their Quad DAC feature is what made them notable, which is incomparable to other mobile phones, even flagships.

While there is no announcement yet, we hope LG would rise again on the mobile market and continue in delivering quality products at an affordable price.

Source: XDADevelopers