Android 12 Sneak Peeks: Notification Centre

Android 12 Beta interface

Android 12 is fast coming, as there are already beta builds and developer previews rolling in. The third developer preview for Android shows that the notification centre is more accessible and is slightly redesigned

The left side shows the Android 11 notification panel while the right side is the DP3 Android 12 notification panel. The icons on the right are now bigger and there is now an arrow when showing a drop down list. Compared to Android 11, the icons are now bigger and have been given appropriate colouring. For example: Red for Gmail as it matches that of the Gmail icon. This also makes icons and notifications easier to spot and read.

For icons that are black and white, like the NYTimes icon, it may end up having the same colour as that of text. Which may not be too hard to identify, but may still confuse some users. However, it did add a few more pixels so that a little more text could fit in per notification

We will constantly make articles for Android 12 Developer Previews, so stay tuned for that!

Source: AndroidPolice