The biggest leap yet: 108mp Realme 8 Pro is coming in the Philippines!

On Realme’s Facebook, there is a series of teasers surrounding of a phone with 108mp camera. It is obviously no other than the Realme 8 Pro! This confirms that the Realme 8 series is soon to launch in the country.

The Realme 8 series were first announced in India and is now available for purchase through Flipkart. The Realme 8 Pro comes in three colours: Infinite Blue, Infinite Black and Illuminating Yellow which glows in the dark.

The phone has two storage options: 6/128 and 8/128. From here, we can speculate how much the phone will cost in the country, based on the Indian price tag as well as the Realme 7 Pro price in the Philippines (including taxes). The 6/128 version is INR 17,999, or around 11,700 php. The Realme 7 Pro 8/128 initially launched at 17,990 php. The 6/128 will be obviously cheaper. We can say that the 6/128 will likely cost around 14,990 or 15,990 while the 8/128 will cost around the same price as the Realme 7 Pro.

The Realme 8 Pro is a worthy upgrade only if you’re coming from Realme 5 or Realme 6. However, probably due to chip shortages, the Realme 8 Pro still equips the old Snapdragon 720G. Also, unlike the Realme 7 Pro which has 65W fast charging, the Realme 8 Pro only comes with 50W. The selfie camera resolution is also lowered from 32mp to 16mp. If you’re coming from the Realme 7 Pro, it’s best to keep it unless you wanted the glow-in-the-dark colour as well as the 108mp sensor.

We will update this page for official pricing!