Apple is seeking to diversify OLED display supply with LG Display and BOE

Samsung is Apple’s main display supplier as of late, with reports stating that 78% of iPhones use Samsung OLEDs. However, this time, Apple is looking for other suppliers, and LG and BOE are interested, according to a report by South Korean outlet The Elec

This year, Samsung will only supply as much as 65% of all panels required by Apple. It is expected that Samsung will supply 110 million panels to Apple, while LG and BOE will supply 50 million and 9 million panels respectively.

LG Display’s shares to Apple will increase by 8%, from 21% to 29% in 2021 and will have double the shipment compared to the previous year. Last year it shipped 25 million panels to Apple, but will double to 50 million this year.

Apple diversifying its suppliers also secures and prevents any form of shortages. It will also increase competition among panel manufacturers and enable Apple to secure its panels at much better prices.

Source: The Elec (in South Korean) via SAMMOBILE